Inspired by the beauty of a well engineered bridge this ring is designed to be viewed from the side.

bridge ring

  • Measurements: 3mm wide all the way around. the bridge stands up to 8mm high.

    This ring is hand carved in wax and then cast in sterling silver.  As it is individually carved there may be slight differences to those pictured here and unfortunately can only be resized slightly bigger if they do not fit. See 'Ring Sizing' for how to determine ring size.

    Please allow 6 weeks for carving, casting, finishing and delivery.


  • Ring sizing

    • I can use sizing from either the UK system of letters or the US system of numbers. 

    • The most accurate way of obtaining your ring size is trying on rings of a similar width in a shop and asking the jeweller to tell you the size. Another way is for me to send you a plastic ring sizer (this will inccur a postal charge).  

    • A less accurate way is to  measure in millimeters the INSIDE diameter of a ring of a similar width. (You must use a ring of similar width as we tend to need a larger size for wider rings.)